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Music Quiz Results

Slightly delayed (I should know not to put the quiz deadline at the start of a working week), but the results are in. There were ten entries.

In first place, with an impressive 21½ out of 30, is songster. Second with 17 is Andrew who is not on LiveJournal, who just pipped bopeepsheep into third place with 16. The mean score was 9.9.

Thank you for your attention. And now here come the answers.

1. g eC ag ec  g eC ba  g
   The Archers theme music, also known as Barwick Green. 4 correct answers.

2. E#DE#DE#DE CbCbCbC g#fg#fg#fg c \b---
   ISIHAC theme music. 2 correct answers.

3. c-------g-------C-------... E$E-------
   Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss, also known as the theme from `2001: A Space Odyssey'. 8 correct answers.

4. gCG-----CGF-----A---F---C---g-----
   Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland (occasionally confused with the above). 6 correct answers.

5. (gggg  g  g:g:g  ) times lots
   Mars, Bringer of War - from Holst's Planets Suite (yes there are other bits playing on top of this but it's fairly unmistakable). 2.25 marks awarded (the quarter for guessing the wrong planet).

6. gabCD$E--DCbCD$EFG-$E-$A---b-D-G---a-C-F$AGF$EDCbC
   Made up, oh about ten years ago now - doesn't time fly? Only one person wrote the equivalent of "you made this up" in any of the answers, but they got the wrong one, so no correct answers.

   Beethoven's Fifth. 8.75 marks awarded in total (a quarter for typing an imaginative rendition of the rest of the opening section but neglecting to say what it actually is!).

8. C gag  C gag  ggag ggag
   Hallelujah chorus from Handel's Messiah. 4 correct answers.

   4"33' by John Cage. Joke answer from the_muttster: Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence. Yes, everyone got somewhere close with this, though not everyone knew exactly how many minutes and seconds. All answers got most of a mark, but the full 1.0 was reserved for people with the correct numbers. The total number of marks awarded was 9.39. It turns out that the top three all had this correct, so it's academic anyway.

10. (Yeg Y . Yeg XCgeceg .) where: X=(cdefgeg) Y=(X $af$a g)
   In-game music from Manic Miner which of course was taken from `In the Hall of the Mountain King' by Grieg (though not from the beginning, oddly enough). Only one person mentioned the Matthew Smith connection. 6 correct answers.

   Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart. 2 correct answers.

12. EEF-D---aFE-D--- G-/C---B-A-G-F-E-F-G-G-G-E-G-E/C---
   Pie Jesu from Lloyd-Webber's Requiem - the one that Michelle murdered in Big Brother. 4 correct answers (two of them not entirely complimentary to the composer).

13. C--CF--FE--DE---EGEDE-C-D--EF---EGEDE-C-C--bC---
   Pie Jesu from Fauré's Requiem. 3 correct answers.

   The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23) by Howard Goodall - also known as the theme music from `The Vicar of Dibley'. Yes, I've been in a choir that sang this as a semi-serious piece. (And the Lloyd-Webber, for that matter.) 2 correct answers.

   The Adventure Game theme music: Duo in G Opus 34 by Ferdinando Carulli. 2 correct answers.

16. (X a dea dea X) where: X=(bC-abC--b--a--g--baga-b--a)
   Classical Gas by Mason Williams. A couple of the middle notes in the question may be extraneous, but never mind. One correct answer.

17. EGFEbabCg--e-----... EGFEbabCg--b--E--d---
   Gymnopedie No, 1 by Erik Satie. No bonus points for being able to play it on the piano. 4 correct answers.

18. E  DF  EbCa D Ea
   Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto, No. 1. Not named after a city as far as I am aware. One correct answer.

19. E  DF  ED-CD-E- [/C/C BB AA]
   Dancing Queen by Abba. Maybe the juxtaposition with the above put people off. No one even attempted this one.

(I remember there being two pieces which were frequently heard on the coach in which my family went to Italy and back for a summer holiday in 1976. One was a pop song, probably foreign, which has long since been forgotten; the other was the Piano Concerto (though possibly only the opening bars of it). Goodness knows why that might have been the case. Anyway, after we got back, Dancing Queen was released and was played non-stop on the local radio station. And all I could think of was that they'd got the tune wrong!)

20. aCE a C E aCEDG G---
   Forever Autumn from `War of the Worlds'. That journal entry wasn't a big enough hint, clearly. No marks.

21. C C aag g C E GG G--- G A G F ED C a g aC D
   Why Don't You theme music, before they got that awful wailing "Why don't you… just switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead" song. Unsurprisingly, no one attempted this. Maybe I made it up - who knows?

22. e..ef..fg..a-gec---
   Animal Crossing title-screen music. At least two people should have got this… but they didn't, so no marks.

23. g-ec e g C - E-DC e #f g
   The Star Spangled Banner. Not the Betelgeusean Death Anthem, since I didn't write the screechy bits. No bonus points for knowing that this tune apparently originally accompanied The Anacreontic Song. 6 correct answers.

24. .GEDC--gaCDgE---
   Sine Nomine by Ralph Vaughan Williams - the tune normally heard to the hymn `For All the Saints.' 2 correct answers.

25. gec c cdefg g g e
   Dixie (or Dixie Land). And, of course, car horns. 5.5 marks awarded (the half for the car horns).

26. ceg ceg a C g . Cgg Cgg e ddc
   Tommy Thumb - to the tune almost everyone except bopeepsheep seems to know. 5 correct answers. (Warning - noisy link.)

27. gC$EG $E#F $E#F $E$E$EC$E CbC#CDb$a
   Little Red Monkey - from Take It From Here. 2 correct answers. (Warning - first one is a noisy link; requires Flash.)

28. ggaaeeg ggaaeeg g a C b b a g f
   The Birdie Song by Tweets - apparently originally by Werner Thomas. 7 correct answers.

29. C--------------------------------  a-eg
   Woooah, Bodyform - from the annoying advert. One correct answer.

30. (ECaECaECaEFD- . . . DbgDbgDbgDGC- .bCD-D-CD)times 2
   Where Opposites Meet (last part) from SKY. One correct answer.

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