Fortune depends on the tone of your voice (bopeepsheep) wrote in challengequiz,
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

This community has been very quiet lately... so let's wake it up again! Here's a quiz with a theme. Answers in by Noon BST Sunday 21st August please. Cheats will be whisked off by tornado.

Poll #553706 A friend of...

Who wrote the My Naughty Little Sister books?

Complete the quotation: You can lead .................. but you can't make her think. (Two words)

What was the heroine's surname in The Wizard Of Oz?

A headmaster's daughter, she worked as a copywriter and translated Dante's Divine Comedy, among other things. Who was her best-known character? (Three words)

A rambling pink rose, and a retailer?

Born Mary Slaton, she was eye-candy/stooge to which two comic actors in six globe-trotting films?

Michael Dorsey didn't get work, but his alter ego did. In which establishment was the soap opera set?

Maggie Dence played headmistress Mrs Burke in which soap opera?

The Walkers and Blacketts joined forces with which brother and sister, in Winter Holiday?

The ex-wife of which James Bond actor died in 1998 aged 83?

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