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Intros quiz answers

OK. Pens down, stop writing!

In a moment, the answers to the quiz; but first, the results. Coming a very creditable third with 21 points is nannyjan. Just nudging in front into second place with 22 points is shadowphiar. And first with 28¼ points is bopeepsheep. Honourable mention to cheekbones3. Many thanks to all nine of you who participated.

(Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of points awarded on each question.)

1. Popcorn (Hot Butter) (7)

2. Apache (the Shadows) (5)

3. Classical Gas (5)
Composed by Mason Williams but performed by the Shadows, not that you can really tell from that bit.

4. The Grace (SKY) (1.75)
This isn't the introduction — it's the whole piece. I did say some of them were cheats! But since it's so short you could call it an introduction to the album (SKY 3). The last track on the album (Keep Me Safe and Keep Me Warm, Shelter Me From Darkness) is similar but longer, so 3/4 to the person who named that instead.

5. The Alphabet of Nations (They Might Be Giants) (2)
From "Here Come the ABCs".

6. Thomas the Tank Engine (and Friends) (6)
The theme to the TV programme — at least the earlier UK series (later ones have a different tune, and aren't even narrated by Ringo Starr even though it sounds almost exactly like him).

7. Quantum Leap (6)
Another TV theme.

8. Uranus, from the Planets Suite (Holst) (1)
The opening four notes apparently spell out GSAH, Holst's initials.

9. Four of Two (They Might Be Giants) (1)
From the No album. Before this version there was a slower, much darker, version which was only available on Dial-a-Song.

10. Forever Autumn (6.75)
From Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds; the vocalist would have been Justin Hayward if the clip had got that far.

11. Mr Blue Sky (ELO) (5)

12. The Riddle (Nik Kershaw) (7)

13. Allegro (SKY) (1.5)
From The Great Ballon Race. I was feeling generous so I gave half a mark to the person who just said "SKY".

14. You Take My Breath Away (Queen) (0)
Not the introduction, strictly speaking. The song really starts with an a cappella bit going "oo-oo-oo-ooooh oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh take it, take it all away" and so on, followed by this piano bit. From the album A Day At the Races. This wasn't the one (if any) I expected to get no points.

15. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (9)
Not only the shortest clip, but also the most well recognised. One person wrote "or ELO Roll Over Beethoven" which I guess is true, but no prize other than moral superiority. :-)

16. Money Money Money (Abba) (7.5)

17. Tongue Tied (1)
From the Red Dwarf series 2 episode Parallel Universe, sung by Danny John Jules as the Cat.

18. Hard Day's Night (The Beatles) (5)
One of the most famous opening guitar chords ever — or at least in the history of Beatles music.

19. Ghost Town (The Specials) (6)
I didn't trick anyone into thinking this was Telstar. :-)

20. Tainted Love (Soft Cell) (8)

21. And I Love Her (The Beatles) (5)
Trivia: we chose this for the first dance at our wedding.

22. I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor) (7)

23. The Gruffalo Song (Julia Donaldson) (2)
Julia Donaldson, as well as being an author of several popular children's books, used to be a song writer for Playschool.

24. Third Brandenburg Concerto (J. S. Bach) (3.25)
Also a previous theme tune of Antiques Road Show. No one got that it was the third one, but you can't have everything. Only a quarter of a mark this time for saying it was "Bach".

25. Crap Shag (Mitch Benn) (1)

26. Vienna (Ultravox) (7)

27. My Sharona (The Knack) (8)

28. Your Latest Trick (Dire Straits) (6)
Not the very beginning — the full introduction goes on for what seems like hours. In early 1986 there was a radio DJ who annoyed me by playing this song quite often without ever actually saying what it was.

29. Prince Charming (Adam and the Ants) (7)

30. My Dinner With Elvis (Kenny Young and the Eggplants) (0.5)

31. Lily the Pink (The Scaffold) (4)

32. Friday on my Mind (The Easybeats) (3)

As for the last question, well I agree with all your choices but I'm going to pick number 13 as mine (I didn't vote in the actual poll), just because.

So… who's up for doing the next quiz?

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