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Beats me

It's time for another quiz! Now, apologies if this seems a little similar to imc's previous Music Intros quiz, as this is also an intros quiz but the difference is that these intros are made up (almost) entirely of percussion. After all, sometimes the characteristic beat of a song is as memorable as the words or tune, and some of these will be instantly recognisable. Therefore, to make it a little bit trickier, in each clip you'll hear the intros of two pieces of music played at the same time! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the artist and title of both songs in each clip. In general, the answers are songs that have been released on single in the UK; many of them were quite successful...

Download the clips (mp3)

One point each for the artist and title of each song, and because I'm feeling very generous you'll get a bonus point for correctly identifying both songs in a single clip.

Poll #974014 Beats me

1. 0:00

2. 0:13

3. 0:23

4. 0:31

5. 0:46

6. 0:51

7. 1:14

8. 1:33

9. 1:51

10. 2:00

11. 2:09

12. 2:21

13. 2:27

14. 2:38

15. 2:55

Poll closes at 7pm on Tuesday 1st May. You can revisit your answers as often as you like until then.
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