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And the winner is...

The percussion intros quiz is now closed. Thanks to everyone who played; in fourth position was imc with 16 points, followed by in third place bopeepsheep with 21 points, closely beaten to second place by sciolist with 22 points, and storming into first place was cheekbones3 with 35 points.

Numbers in brackets are the number of people who correctly identified the song. As it turned out, nobody got a correct artist without also knowing the track, or vice versa.

  • Money - Pink Floyd (4)
  • We Will Rock You - Queen (4)

    A couple of easy questions to start the quiz. Everybody got full marks for this clip.

  • The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt - The Shadows (1)
  • Driving In My Car - Madness (4)

  • Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You) - Aqualung (0)
  • My Sharona - The Knack(3)

    Strange & Beautiful, otherwise known as "that song off the VW ad" (I've always thought the lyrics sounded like "Ode to rohypnol").

  • Don't Lose My Number - Phil Collins (0)
  • Under The Gun - The Sisters Of Mercy (1)

  • Over My Shoulder - Mike And The Mechanics (0)
  • Some People - Cliff Richard (0)

    Some People was perhaps a mean choice, probably everybody in the early eighties recorded with the same drum machine...

  • Mama - Genesis (1)
  • The Barry Williams Show - Peter Gabriel (0)

    The Barry Williams Show, from Gabriel's most recent album (about a fictional "Jerry Springer"-style TV show, nothing to do with Barry Williams from the Brady Bunch).

  • Thriller - Michael Jackson (2)
  • The animal song - Savage Garden (0)

    Quite a lot of the tracks on Thriller feature members of Toto as session musicians.

  • Some Like It Hot - The Power Station (0)
  • Radio GA GA - Queen (4)

  • In My Place - Coldplay (0)
  • Innuendo - Queen (2)

    Oddly enough, two people identified the same incorrect band for this clip (perhaps Led Zeppelin sound like Coldplay now, because let's face it, everything else does).

  • Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer (1)
  • Girls on film - Duran Duran (3)

    Robert Palmer later collaborated with half of Duran Duran to make The Power Station CD (from which Some Like It Hot, above, was released on single).

  • Let's go all the way - Sly Fox (2)
  • Africa - Toto (1)

  • She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals (2)
  • Take Me, I'm Yours - Squeeze (0)

  • We Are All Made Of Stars - Moby (0)
  • Walking on sunshine - Katrina & The Waves (2)

    Moby's drum machine was perhaps the least inspiring start to an album that I've ever heard.

  • How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us - R.E.M. (1)
  • Nineteen - Paul Hardcastle (4)

  • I Will Remember - Toto (0)
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 (1)

    Not one of Toto's most famous singles (i.e. it didn't come off the IV album)
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