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Well, that took a bit of marking, not helped by Excel randomly crashing on me twice or my total inability to keep my temperature below 100F today making it increasingly hard for me to focus on synonyms and 'wrong answers'. I abandoned the functions of life question (#12) entirely because a) I wrote nine when I clearly meant seven, and b) between 36 of you you came up with appx. 24 different terms, most of which overlapped or were almost certainly absolutely synonymous but I just didn't have the brainpower to sort them out... besides, the scores were getting increasingly insane.

It has been pointed out to me that merely adding scores gives a slightly different result, so I've included that information too for the top scorers, but since multiplication is what the original rules I nicked state, that's what you get. I've discounted my answers for ranking purposes, since I have played this sort of game a fair few times before, and spent quite a lot of time with relevant lists before setting it, but they're included in the overall marking (i.e. if you and I answered the same thing, we both scored 2).

The lowest (=winning) score was 345,600, achieved by imc [totalled score: 42]. Next in line: mooism with 2,903,040 [54]; calliaz with 3,464,208 [68];brixtonbrood with 6,842,880 [58]; egyptophile with 9,216,000 [55]; matgb with 14,113,440 [65]; webhill with 21,504,000 [62]; sion_a with 29,937,600 [61].

1. Girls' names starting with V. Veronica caused the most damage among the right answers, but Valerie, Vera and Verity scored well. Sorry to two of you, but Veruc(c)a is not a girls' name, it's a skin complaint! I feel very sorry for anyone outside a Roald Dahl story who gets lumbered with that one. Mean score: 4.
2. An occupational surname (in English). The English part caught some out (Lederer is German), occupational caught others. There is no one at all with the surname Jailor on the UK electoral roll so I am very reluctant to accept it, and the surname Major means 'eldest' or 'chieftain-spear' depending on root (there are two), not '[Army] major'. Baker was the most popular answer. I was amused by a) sion_a's glaringly-obvious answer (if you know him) which is a synonym for a much more popular answer, and b) phelyan's 'Kellogg' which not-so-obviously means 'butcher' (from 'kill hog'). Mean score: 3.
3. An actor who appeared regularly in 'Friends' (more than 12 episodes). Oops - 12 episodes rules out Tom Selleck, who'd otherwise have scored well - he was only in 11. Surprisingly, no one went for Courteney Cox at all, and Lisa Kudrow was a lone entry. Elliott Gould and David Schwimmer scored highest. Character names were marked wrong if unaccompanied by actors' names. Mean score: 3.
4. A female character from a Jane Austen novel. A nice range of names here - Emma Woodhouse was most popular, followed by Elizabeth Bennet. An interesting-but-very-wrong answer of "Mr Bingley" made me laugh but still scored badly, sorry. Mean score: 3.
5. A town in Oxfordshire. Oh dear, oh dear. Oxford is a city, people... however, enough of you answered it that the scoring method means that you actually scored less for being wrong than if I had let you get away with it. :) Black marks also for Steeple Aston ('Village of the Year 2007'), Islip & Grove (both villages), and Headington (a suburb of Oxford). Mean score: 3.
6. A band who have headlined Download or the Monsters Of Rock Festivals (at Donington). Iron Maiden hobbled 6 of you here - if I'd made you specify a year you'd probably have all picked a different one & scored well. No one fell for the non-Donington answers for MOR, but a few people offered bands that appeared quite a long way down the bill & thus got penalised for that. Mean score: 4.
7. A Doctor Who companion. Rose Tyler is a popular girl, isn't she? 9 of you think so. Much less popular: Barbara Wright [no prizes for guessing why I picked this one, people who know me well enough...], K-9, Leela, Romana, Peri, Tegan. Mean score: 4.
8. A noun ending in -ard. Given how many of these there are I was half-expecting a perfect score but no - 3 of you picked canard & 3 petard, 2 picked chard, 2 bastard & 2 retard. I disallowed Whittard because it is a proper noun with no actual definition that I can find, only a vague etymology (as with most surnames). Mean score: 2.
9. A tonic sol-fa syllable. Surprisingly (or not), answering 'sol' or 'fa' would have got you a really good score here. Ti was most popular. Mean score: 8.
10. A US state starting with M. Kudos to robintutt and matgb who were the only people to answer 'Massachusetts' and 'Maryland', respectively. Montana was unexpectedly popular. Mean score: 6.
11. An Australian prime minister elected after 1944. No one opted to sneak in Kevin Rudd at the last minute - he's been elected, although he doesn't take office until Monday. :) High scores: John Howard and Gough Whitlam. Mean score: 7.
13. An official language of the United Nations. They are: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish. Welsh is a nice idea but wrong. :) The correct answers were pretty evenly split, apart from Chinese (2 answers). Mean score: 7.
14. A subway station in Glasgow. St Enoch's has a very appealing name, it appears; most of the rest attracted one or two votes each. Mean score: 4.
15. A canon Disney animated film released between the death of Walt Disney and 1 January 1990. Havoc. Disney died in 1966, before The Jungle Book was released; this gave you 13 years or so to choose from, but wrong answers included films released in 1937 and 1999. The Little Mermaid romped home as most popular correct answer with 10 votes. Mean score: 7.
16. A Beatles studio LP. Ok, geekette8, I believe your claim that that LP is real (scarily), but it's a live LP by definition.... :) Abbey Road is stupendously popular, but only one person voted for Sergeant Pepper...! Mean score: 5.
17. A Munro over 1200m. Wrong answers here were all peaks under 1200m high, sorry. lots of good answers otherwise. Mean score: 4.
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