Fortune depends on the tone of your voice (bopeepsheep) wrote in challengequiz,
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

Uncommon Entries #2 (eventually)

For each prompt, provide a response that is correct and which you hope will be duplicated by the fewest entrants. Correct answers score the number of people who provided that answer. If the answer is wrong, or the prompt goes unanswered, a high score results (highest score for the question, + 1). A perfect score = 1.

Closes: noon, Friday 28 May. Cheats can write a 200 word essay explaining why this community has been so quiet lately.

PLEASE NOTE: looking stuff up is not cheating. It's encouraged.

Edit: Premiership is not a trick question, just me not being terribly clear on the official names of leagues. Premier League it is.

Poll #1570064 Uncommon entries - the return

A film featuring John AND Joan Cusack.

A studio album made by R.E.M.

An officially recognised UK Christmas no.1 single released between 1980 and 2000 (inc).

A US state capital with a two word name.

A Canadian Prime Minister elected after 1946.

A sovereign state beginning with E.

A British football team that has competed in the Premiership for at least three seasons.

A culinary herb or spice beginning with C.

A character in The Big Bang Theory who has made more than 4 appearances [as of the end of s3].

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