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Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

Uncommon Entries #2 - results

There were 14 participants. I haven't counted my own score for ranking, but my answers do count towards the marks in each question.

A film starring John AND Joan Cusack. Grosse Pointe Blank scored badly, being very popular.
A studio album made by R.E.M. Green was the worst answer, which surprised me.
An officially recognised UK Christmas no.1 single released between 1980 and 2000 (inc). Too many to choose from? The only duplicated answer was Mistletoe and Wine.
A US state capital with a two word name. I decided I probably had to accept former state capitals, which worked out well for two of you. Des Moines was very popular.
A Canadian Prime Minister elected after 1946. Not much duplication.
A sovereign state beginning with E. Sorry, England is not a sovereign state! Estonia was the most popular, Eritrea the least.
A British football team that has competed in the Premier League for at least three seasons. Never answer Arsenal to a football question! The rest were pretty good answers.
A culinary herb or spice beginning with C. Cardamom very popular.
A character in The Big Bang Theory who has made more than 4 appearances [as of the end of s3]. No one at all guessed Leonard or Howard! Leslie Winkle & Dr Gablehauser scored highest.

In first place, the_magician, with 17/80. In second, clare_s with 19/120, and in third, calliaz with 21/288. Congrats, guys! A perfect score would have been 9/1, so you can see they weren't that far out. (It's easy to score into the thousands.)

Clarification: I'm not sure if people understood that the penalty for blank answers is the same as that for wrong answers (highest correct score +1). I'll write up the rules more fully if I run this again!
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