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Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

Answers for ... er ... no points. :)

I left it a bit longer to see if anyone else might be tempted in - there were people commenting that they only had one answer so weren't bothering, but honestly, I just wanted to know how active we might be if we started up again! No one is judging, not even Paxman. ;-)

Who wrote the novel 'Starter For Ten', later filmed?
David Nicholls (who also wrote 'One Day'). 'Starter For Ten' gets some of the details wrong but is a fun read/watch anyway.

Who played Bamber Gascoigne in The Young Ones' episode 'Bambi'?
Griff Rhys Jones. 1pt to iuil!

What do you score for a correct non-starter question on University Challenge?
5. 4 answers, all correct! Whee!

"First off we'll have 10... no, 12 bread rolls, and bring a pack of that fancy stuff..." "Butter?" <--- the starter in which famous comedy sketch?
Going For An English, Goodness Gracious Me. 1pt to sion_a!

Which TV company makes University Challenge?
Granada. 1pt to iuil!

What was the theme of the special edition Universe Challenge in 1998?
Red Dwarf. A couple of guesses but I guess I'm the only one who remembers it. (The SFness of the title didn't help?)

Which team played against Scumbag College?
Footlights College, Oxbridge. 1pt to sion_a, 0.5pt to iuil who named all the actors, but alas, not the team. (I'd have been very impressed indeed with "Miss Money-Sterling" et al.) :)

Why were the University of Manchester banned from University Challenge for several years?
Technically, "subversion". They answered almost every possible question with names relating to Communism (Trotsky/Lenin/Marx etc) as a response to the dominance of Oxbridge. 1pt to chickenfeet2003!

4 entrants. 3.5pts to iuil, 3pts to sion_a, 2pts to chickenfeet2003, and 1pt to matgb (who, to be fair, didn't get any answers wrong either). Plus about 6 other people who commented to me one way or another that they wouldn't enter because they didn't know more than one answer. Hey, you'd all have come 4th!

So we're not entirely dead, but we are a bit lifeless... something easier next?
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