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More or less since the last quiz I've been meaning to post a music intros quiz, so I collected some tracks and (obviously very slowly) have been busy chopping the beginnings off them, and finally here it is. In fact it's been compiled and waiting to be written up since the middle of last month. :-(

Anyway, what you should do is download the compilation (this will take a couple of minutes since it's 2.7MiB and the server is capped at 200kb/sec), listen to it through a few times and identify as many as possible. The ones you missed can also be fetched individually through the links below, and the text of each question is the approximate start time of each clip within the compilation.

Each one is an introduction to a piece of music of some sort, although a few of them are cheats in different ways. I'm not going to be fussy about exact title and artist, just so long as you identify the piece in some way. There are 25 questions (sorry there's so many but I guess that's what happens when the idea's been floating around for 18 months).

This poll will close at midday BST on Friday 30th March.

Don't forget, if you fill in some answers, you can later return to them to correct them or add some more.

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