Fortune depends on the tone of your voice (bopeepsheep) wrote in challengequiz,
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

For each prompt, provide a response that is correct and which you hope will be duplicated by the fewest entrants. Correct answers score the number of people who provided that answer. If the answer is wrong, or the prompt goes unanswered, a high score results (highest score for the question, + 1). Total score = product of received scores. A perfect score = 1.

Answers in by noon GMT, Friday 30 November. Cheats will be penalised by their own actions, effectively.

Poll #1095240 Uncommon Entries

A girl's name starting with V.

An occupational surname (in English).

An actor who appeared regularly in 'Friends' (more than 12 episodes).

A female character from a Jane Austen novel.

A town in Oxfordshire.

A band who have headlined Download or the Monsters Of Rock Festivals (at Donington).

A Doctor Who companion.

A noun ending in -ard.

A tonic sol-fa syllable.

A US state starting with M.

An Australian prime minister elected after 1944.

One of the nine functions of life.

An official language of the United Nations.

A subway station in Glasgow.

A canon Disney animated film released between the death of Walt Disney and 1 January 1990.

A Beatles studio LP.

A Munro over 1200m.

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Excellent idea!
I accidentally submitted it before I had finished it!
If you hit the link above with the poll number in it, then 'Fill out Poll' you can fill in the gaps, never fear!
OK, I tried :)
Flippin' 'eck.

Talk about random guessing.
How many people are entering? I’m expecting to score over a million.
So far the potential maximum score is somewhere above 43 quadrillion, I think, if I've read the zeros correctly. However, there'd have to be a lot of changed answers to make that happen...